Manage Your Consumer Collections Claims In St. Louis & Surrounding Missouri Counties

If you are owed a consumer debt, look to us for expert guidance seeking fulfillment of the claim. We have experience managing claims from $500 to $25,000, and utilize advanced management software to ensure fast and efficient processing of your claim. Over 1,600 claims were filed last year. Use of the software enables us to keep in close contact with you, keep exceptionally accurate records, and avoid conflicts and errors.

Pursue fulfillment of your debts

•Credit card debt

•Auto loans

•Retail credit cards

•Home improvements

•Sub prime finance loans

•Money security interests on substantial household purchases

Have confidence in our experience

Much of our practice is devoted to consumer collections activities, which has allowed us to devise a highly effective plan of attending of St. Louis City and County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, and Franklin County courts on a regular basis. This lets us handle multiple case files at each visit, argue motions, and push your claims through the process.

Beyond default judgements

Pursuing collections is about more than just default judgments. Our software-aided approach allows us to focus extra attention on the more difficult files, such as those with counterclaims, defenses, garnishment, debtor examinations, and defending your claim in bankruptcy cases.

Get assistance for your case load

With over 70 combined years of experience, we have handled case loads of all sizes, from a few files a year to over 20 a week. Whatever your case load, look to us for the personalized attention and technology-supported management you need to pursue your collection.

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