Seek relief for your credit card debt

Extreme credit card debt is often the final blow of a long string of financial difficulties and problems. When you are facing serious financial credit card debt, credit card relief can help end the harassment from creditors and get you on a stronger financial path. Let us help you determine if seeking discharge of your credit card debt through bankruptcy is the right choice for your future.

Put your trust in our experience

With over 30 years of experience in the bankruptcy industry, we have the skill and expertise to guide you through the entire process, from helping you determine if bankruptcy is right for you, to working with you throughout the filing.

Work to discharge your credit card debt

Including your credit card debt in your bankruptcy filing may be an option for easing your financial stress. We will fight to have your debt completely eliminated through Chapter 7, or significantly reduced through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Defend your use of credit

If you include your credit card debt in your bankruptcy filing, it is possible the credit card company will file a complaint attempting to demonstrate that you used your credit card with no intention of paying the debt. If this happens, you can trust us to fight to show you did not abuse your credit card so it can be included in your filing.

Fight to eliminate your credit card debt

Give us a call at 314-684-8033 to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and determine if our credit card relief efforts are appropriate for you. We will fight to have your credit card debt eliminated completely, or work to reduce your financial strain, through bankruptcy efforts.