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Credit Card Debt Relief Credit card debt is often the last string in a line of financial difficulties that lead to bankruptcy. Yet, there is hope. Credit card debt can be discharged in bankruptcy proceedings, giving you relief from your debt and creditor harassment.

More Than Thirty Years of Bankruptcy Law Experience

The bankruptcy lawyers of Van Dillen & Flood can help you file for bankruptcy to discharge part or all of your credit card debt. Our attorneys have practiced together in areas such as bankruptcy law and credit card debt discharge for more than three decades.

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Eligibility for Credit Card Debt Discharge

If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can include credit card debt in your petition. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy , you may be able to eliminate your entire credit card debt. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can discharge a good deal of your credit card debt and begin to repay part of the debt through a payment plan.

The credit card company may file a complaint in bankruptcy proceedings, claiming that your debt should not be discharged because you abused your privileges. If the collector proves that you had no intention to repay your credit card charges when you incurred them, you will not be able to discharge your credit card debt.

However, if you have used your credit card for necessary purchases or bills, the credit card company will have trouble showing abuse. Van Dillen & Flood can help prove that you did not abuse your credit card.

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Contact Van Dillen & Flood , and we will discuss your situation with you to determine if you qualify for credit card debt relief. While we do not do credit card negotiations for reduced payments, we will fight to discharge your entire credit card debt or at least reduce your debt through bankruptcy proceedings.

Reduce your financial stress. Contact Van Dillen & Flood for a free consultation with our experienced bankrupt attorneys about credit card debt relief.

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